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As Breakthrough Partner of the Year – Asia Pacific winner, we’ve been recognized for creating industry-leading solutions and strong customer experiences with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). As a Google Cloud Partner in India & Singapore, we transform businesses with modernization, elevating organizations and making them future-ready.

We Solve For You With Google Cloud

Find out how Niveus as a Google Cloud Partner in India & Singapore works with all stakeholders to solve their problems.

OpsNinja Services

Application Modernization

OpsNinja is a data and cloud solution provider with cross-domain expertise and experience. We will help you make informed business decisions and help accelerate growth. Explore through our features provided ranging from the serverless data warehouse BigQuery and ingestion of Batch with Data Lakes and Data Marts, migration to the Cloud and ML/AI.

Data Modernization

OpsNinja will build a computerized center by utilizing cloud to enable a scalable, elastic and strong framework to drive business development. We will help leverage Google Clouds innovations from AI to streaming Analytics. Our Ninja will help you throughout your cloud journey on Infrastructure modernization inclusiveley with application migration, data migration, containerization and Infrastructure as a Code.

Infrastructure Modernization

OpsNinja’s expert cloud engineers have been architecting world-class security solutions to our GCP clients. Our Ninja will ensure completey safety and checks and ensure to modernize your security operations, protect apps from bots and web attacks. We will help you setup your Network security, application security, and infrastructure security. Provide data loss security, ensure you apply patches, prevent compromises and manager user devices including policies.

Cloud Security

From your cost savings and scalability to total transformation and faster innovation get your cloud strategy right. OpsNinja will help you achieve it. We will define a clear implementation plan, the right strategies and help you transform your infrastructure. Our services are aligned to meet your business needs. Our Ninja are highly qualified individuals that will create a cloud roadmap for you with cloud solutions and platform creating and provide support on every corner.

Cloud Consulting

OpsNinja provides all the required Google Cloud services for a business to grow successfully. We take pride in our work by getting all the problems that our clients are facing in the Cloud sector and providing them with strong and firm solutions. Our services includes but are not limited to, Cloud Migration, enable a scalable and highly available architecture. Our clients benefits from our expert and professional services of deployment automation CI/CD, infrastructure automation, Docker, Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation, and, our continuous support.

Managed Cloud As A Service

Google Cloud Platform has provided a huge improved performance rather it for multiple users or developers where they can work simultaneously on a similar project at the same time which has led to an increase in productivity and efficiency or whether it is to your application being hosted, that will if automated properly, will show no downtime and adjust itself according to the customers need, providing a smooth experience to everyone.

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